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Business Concepts Consulting services are by the hour and some by the case.
Please contact us for a case evaluation. See some of our fees below


Notary services are $2.00 per page

Consulting Fees

*Prices  may vary by location

                                                                                             Hourly rate                  Retainer
Category Hourly Rate Retainer Rate*         

Operations Manager / Engineering Manager                  $ 150.00                        $120.00
Business & Leadership Coach                                           $ 160.00                        $104.00

Quality Management / Quality Engineering                    $145.00                         $100.00

Continuous Improvement - Operational Excellence       $140.00                        $100.00

Human Resources                                                               $140.00                           N/A

Controller - CFO Services                                                   $140.00                            N/A

Sales & Marketing                                                               $140.00                            N/A

Business Development                                                       $140.00                           $92.00

Coach & Mentor (Operations)                                            $100.00                            N/A

Administrative                                                                      $45.73                             $23.00
IT/Computer                                                                                          $200.00                                 $150.00

Medical                                                                                                   $185.00                             $120.00

Refund Policy

Workshops and Bundled Consulting Services:
Since space is limited at the workshops and time is reserved for consulting services, Business Concepts Consulting will not issue a refund. In the event a registrant is unable to attend a workshop,  will allow the registrant Business Concepts Consulting to transfer his or her registration and any related bundled consulting services to another person or business, with Business Concepts Consulting  wrote permission. Business Concepts Consulting will require that the transferee provides full registration information. Consulting services that are not coupled with a workshop are not transferable.

In the event a workshop is canceled, Business Concepts Consulting will reschedule the workshop at the same location or another location within 25 miles of the original location (the “Rescheduled Workshop”). Each registrant will be notified of such change by email (the “Notice) and will be automatically registered for the Rescheduled Workshop. In the event, the registrant is unable to attend the Rescheduled Workshop and there is no other workshop that the registrant is able to attend as a substitute to the original workshop, the registrant must provide written request for a refund within seven days of the date of the Notice (the “Refund Request”).

Those who have purchased bundled consulting hours will have the option to reschedule those hours in conjunction with the workshop that they attend. In the event a Refund Request is made, Business Concepts Consulting will refund the full amount paid for the canceled workshop and related bundled consulting services, if applicable, minus $25 processing fee, within 30 days of the Refund Request.

Consulting Services: For pre-paid consulting services that are not part of the bundled consulting services related to a workshop, the client must submit the notice of termination of services as per the client’s engagement letter. Capital Perception will refund the full amount of such a payment, minus the consulting fees and expenses incurred through the date of termination of services and a $25 processing fee. For consulting services that are paid upon receipt of an invoice for services rendered, no amount of the payment shall be refundable.


All Cancellations of services need to be in writing and sent to:

Sample form below:

I would like to cancel all projects on my account

First/ last name______________________________________________


Contact Number: _________________________________________________

Account Number: _________________________________________________


Sent to:

[email protected]
Attn: Cancellation


Mail to:

Business Concepts Consulting
Attn: Cancellation
2300 Main street
Kansas city, Mo, 64108