Industry Expertise


    Business concepts consulting teams help utility companies around the globe navigate today’s challenges including  De-carbonize, securing fuel and energy supply at reasonable costs and optimizing operational efficiency and customer service. We assist by working with utility companies to turn these challenges into opportunities to develop to their full potential and invest wisely and become more valuable.


   Business concepts consulting teams worked with clients on hundreds of projects in the utilities and alternative energy sector around the globe. Our Past clients represent a broad cross-section of the sector including power generators, electric and gas utilities, multi-utility conglomerates, alternative energy providers, energy trading companies, gas storage and distribution players, energy service companies, water and waste utilities and became a diversified global energy leader.
Our energy team consultants help enhance performance across the industry value chain, providing the best expertise in generation, trading, and storage, transmission, distribution and retail. We also work with clients to enhance the capabilities, drawing on our experience to optimize the organization, improve operational performance and to refine corporate and customer strategies.
At the corporate level, our team of experts collaborates with management to:
  • We assist in Develop a corporate investment strategy
  • We will Evaluate macro and industry trends and their impact on utilities
  •  We will Implement new business models, such as "alternative" energy
  • We are skilled in efficiency services or distributed generation
  • Our teams Identify the right level of vertical integration
  • We will Define current portfolio and international expansion strategies
  • We assist Increase efficiency of support functions
  • Our teams will Integrate corporate strategy and corporate finance to manage total shareholder return
  •  We assist Instill a high-performance culture and decision-  driven organization throughout the business
  •  Our teams At the business-unit level, Business concepts  consulting helps clients become leaders:
  • We help our client Optimize the future generation mix and fuel sourcing
  • We know,and we Cope with decarbonization and other regulatory requirements
  • Our teams Improve energy trading and develop storage strategies
  • We help Increase operating performance in transmission and distribution, such as field force optimization and capital project management to our clients.
  •  We expand their customer bases through loyalty programs, customer segmentation, and other measures
  • We assist in deploying assets and IT investments and achieve the maximum return.
  • Capitalize on technology trends and expand into the right an adjacency
Our Private Equity group and Mergers & Acquisitions practice we can deploy a team of seasoned experts to help our utility clients evaluate potential deals through due-diligence and execute M&A and post-merger integration.
For details about Business concepts consulting work with companies across the oil and gas value chain, see our Oil & Gas 


     Utility companies face an increasingly challenging environment that presents both opportunities and risks in these markets.
  Worldwide, utilities find themselves buffeted by wave after wave of change. The source of the turbulence: shifts on the regional and global scale as well as in the public and private sectors. As initiatives for a sustainable energy, mix evolves, utility companies that invest wisely position themselves to benefit from the changing industry landscape.
To remain real competitive over the next decade, utilities will need to make significant investments and have focused efforts to renew and expand their generation capacity, improve operational efficiency and retain and expand their customer base. Decisions will require tough choices due to several new realities, including:
  • Increased competition
  • New and evolving technologies for improved energy efficiency and storage, distributed generation and smart grid and metering
  • Limited subsidies due to government budget constraints
  • Continued regulatory environment that mandates CO2 abatement
  • Customers’ concerns about the environment and their increasing willingness to switch suppliers
  • Pressure on utilities’ balance sheets and cash flows
Business concepts consulting works alongside many utility companies, at all levels of the organization, to evaluate the risks and opportunities inherent in these trends and constraints. We work with our clients to prevent and remedy the pain points and maximize business value by taking full advantage of underlying opportunities.
Utility leaders will benefit from optimizing their core business and thoughtfully evaluating adjacent opportunities.
Companies that successfully generate growing revenue and profit focus first on achieving full potential in their core businesses in terms of both scope and performance and then pursue a disciplined expansion into attractive adjacency.
As it pertains to their core business, utility leaders seeking to achieve full potential need to:
  • Frame their generation investment strategy under uncertainty
  • Develop field force effectiveness
  • Build customer loyalty
Beyond their immediate core, areas such as energy efficiency and distributed generation open up new opportunities. Our energy consultants can help identify dependable, low-risk adjacency with favorable economics to invest in and how to trade off and integrate them with the core business initiatives